George Wong

CEO and Founder

About George

George Wong has been engaged in real estate project marketing and sales since 1991, bringing over 350 development projects to market and connecting over 35,000 buyers with their perfect home. He has earned the trust of BC’s most prominent developers and is known within the real estate community for his deep analysis of the market and his ability to anticipate local and global buying trends. Multilingual and well-traveled, George brings an international perspective to his work, ensuring that every project is competitive with the world’s best.

A strategic thinker and proactive problem solver, George truly puts clients and their needs first, providing them with confidence, certainty, and peace of mind. He brings a hands-on approach to every project, working with his team alongside clients every step of the way, from navigating the city approval process to meeting market challenges with innovative solutions.

Magnum Superpower:

George’s knowledge, experience, passion for real estate, commitment to clients, and dedication to his team are only just the beginning of what’s behind our fearless leader.

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