Signature Project

The Cambie Corridor

Vancouver’s Westside

Cambie from 12th to 49th Avenue

The Projects

Within the Cambie Corridor precinct, we are proud to be the leader of project marketing since the City of Vancouver approved Cambie Corridor phase 1 in 2012. Since the autumn of 2013, we have marketed 25 projects, from townhomes to six-storey condos, in this vibrant and growing community, selling over 2,000 homes.


  • Sales Launched: 2013–Present
  • Type: Residential
  • Size: 2,000+ Homes
  • Developer: Vancouver’s Top Developers

The Vision

With a proven track record of success over decades, and nearly 10 years of leading project marketing and sales in the Cambie Corridor specifically, we have the expertise to successfully guide our clients’ projects from conception to completion.

The Results

We own the biggest market share of real estate marketing projects on Vancouver’s Westside.

Focused on Buyers

With our keen understanding of the area and its buyers, we can provide invaluable insight to our clients. We know our buyers’ desires when it comes to their future home, their budgets, their barriers to ownership, and more. This depth of knowledge allows us to create tailored marketing strategies and efficient sales campaigns, ensuring no wasted money or time.

Highly Curated Product

Knowing our buyers on a granular level—everything from their financial profile, to their family size, to the factors affecting their decision to own—enables us to design products perfectly suited to them. Over and over again, buyers choose Magnum projects because we put their needs first and provide them with homes that speak to them. The result? Satisfaction for our buyers and high velocity and revenue for our clients. 

A Robust Network

In any given location, realtors are constantly changing, and it’s imperative to a developer’s success to be up to date with the migration patterns of all the realtors who service Vancouver’s Westside and the Cambie Corridor. Our strong relationships with the city’s realtors are unmatched in the industry and bring substantial benefits to our clients’ projects.

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