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Magnum’s buyer-first approach evaluates every project from the perspective of the defined target audience. This market-driven discipline ensures that decisions are made with a focus on maximizing sales velocity and minimizing standing inventory. From waterfront luxury to first time buyers, Magnum gives projects personality and delivers clearly focused messages that make an emotional connection with the buyer.


The discipline of Magnum’s market-driven approach puts the focus on the buyer and helps developers deliver products that will quickly engage with the defined target audience clearly define their buyer audience product offering to best match the needs of the defined target audience.


Using unmatched market insight and awareness of current design trends, Magnum works with developers, their architects and interior designers to refine every element of a project. From unit mix and floor plans to fixtures and finishes, every Magnum project is designed for success.


From project naming and identity design to brochures, advertising and sales centre design and construction, Magnum delivers highly efficient and effective marketing communications programs that bring a project to life – with a character and personality that will resonate with the buyer audience.


Magnum's highly targeted sales and marketing programs support ongoing analysis and allow rapid adjustment to changes in market conditions and an increased ability to take advantage of all opportunities.


Supported by years of experience, Magnum sales teams understand the needs of the buyer. From financing advice to ongoing personal communication programs and progress updates, the Magnum team maintains a connection with purchasers that ensures an efficient process from initial deposit to final possession.